Tab Life Groups

Tab Life Groups (TLG) are geographically based care groups of The Tabernacle that work in partnership as a network that connects The Tabernacle congregation, both locally in Western New York and worldwide.


What is a Tab Life Group?

TLG (Tab Life Groups) are the place where people can share and live in community with one another, pray for each other and the world, and aid in times of need. They will function with the purpose of providing spiritual, emotional, and physical care for every member of The Tabernacle.


These groups will serve as the overarching network of all ministry life at The Tabernacle and connect us in fellowship. Bishop Robert’s teaching from Acts 2:42-47, “14 Indicators of Apostolic Christianity”, is our model of scriptural unity in the Body of Christ.


It is our desire to walk this out wherever a Tabernacle member may be found on the earth.

How will they work?

Tab Life Groups (TLG) will be created and administered by The Tabernacle Care Department. The Tabernacle congregation will be assigned to a TLG. Each TLG will have an assigned Life Group Leader (LGL) who is a representative of Bishop Robert and the church. The LGL will be responsible for the ongoing care of the group’s members and will create a channel for communication among group members, assist in connecting members with ministries or services provided through The Tabernacle and create a cooperative fellowship.


What will they do?

Once a month, on the second Sunday of the month, each LGL will host a TLG meeting to connect and develop the community. The LGL will communicate on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, bi-annually, or as-needed basis with all members. Members are also encouraged to reach out with requests or to provide resources.


What will happen?

TLG will create a greater sense of community in The Tabernacle. Home groups, Bible studies, prayer groups, friendships, and even relationships may be birthed out of TLG. These things will happen in harmony with The Tabernacle’s existing ministries.


How are Tab Life Groups and a Tabernacle Home Group different?

TLG serve as the relational nexus for family care for individuals and families because The Tabernacle is spread across the greater Buffalo region and worldwide through our online presence.  TLG may meet from time to time for interpersonal connections among members, but they will not serve the role of a Tabernacle Home Group. Home Groups are organized by a desire of the church congregation to engage in discipleship and study of God’s Word in homes, coffee shops, restaurants, and/or other locations. Home Groups are varying in size and location and available for anyone to join, regardless of what TLG one may be in. TLG and Home Groups can and will coexist while serving different but important roles in The Tabernacle’s community life.