“The Remnant: An Audience of One” by Evangelist Pat Schatzline

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Are you tired of chasing after things only to be left more hungry because you're not truly satisfied? Are you hungry for God? God is after a desperate people who are willing to follow after Him with full abandon realizing He is the only One who can satisfy us. Are you ready to press in and meet with God in a radical way, not on your terms, but on His? Are you willing to allow God to stretch you ...

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Pastor’s Pen: Palm Sunday Celebration

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Good morning Tabernacle Family, Today we celebrate Palm Sunday on which we commemorate the “Triumphal Entry” of Jesus into Jerusalem on the Sunday prior to His crucifixion. As the Lord came into the City, the crowds laid palm branches before Him to beautify the path on which He would trod. Palms were used in the various Jewish festivals as banners of rejoicing and were regarded as symbols o ...

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