“What are YOU going to do with Jesus?” by Bishop Robert Stearns

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Through this message Bishop Robert Stearns shares a strong and passionate message which will challenge you to examine the historical significance and challenges posed through the birth of this infant child, Jesus of Nazareth, over two thousand years ago. Before He could even talk or walk those closest to Him, and even powerful people of His day, were challenged at the core of their being with t ...

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Pastor’s Pen: Christmas and Hanukkah

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Dear Tabernacle Family, You may think it strange that I am wishing you both “Merry Christmas” and “Happy Hanukkah!” You may be thinking, “Christmas I get; but what do I have to do with Hanukkah and what does Hanukkah have to do with me?” Well, in actuality, you can’t separate one from the other, for Jesus, the Messiah, whose birth we celebrate at Christm ...

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