Pastor’s Pen: A Season for Stewards!

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The word “stewardship” is usually associated only with money. Rarely, when we hear the word “steward,” do we think of anything beyond finances and funds. Biblically speaking, however, the concept of stewardship takes into account everything that God has entrusted to us – our time, talents, treasures and testimony – for which we will one day give an account before God. (Luke 16:1-2) ...

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“The Church: A dwelling place for God’s Presence” by Pastor Jim Ruddy

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In today's culture sadly, there seems to be some confusion regarding what the Church of America is all about. To what end are we to be 'fishing for' viewership and members to fill our pews? To what extent are we to wrap our messages in quotes, ribbons and bows of the current 'in thing' from the media world, whether movies, songs, television series, or the latest viral video? We are to be curren ...

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