“Stewarding Our Treasures” by Bishop Emeritus Tommy Reid

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Through this power Sunday morning message, Bishop Emeritus Tommy Reid passionately shares some of the main principles from his recent book, "Create Wealth to Build God's Dream," as a part of our Journey Campaign. God has called us to steward many things though our lives. These are the things which we have been and will continue to explore and set within the right Godly context through our Journ ...

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Pastor’s Pen: Stewarding Our Treasures

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Did you know that 26 of those 40 parables Jesus told were about money or wealth? The Bible says more about money than it does about either faith or heaven. Scripture indicates that how we handle earthly riches will determine the amount of spiritual resources that God will entrust to each of us in eternity. During the JOURNEY, we examine the resources that God has entrusted to us and then ask the q ...

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