“Time Alone to Wrestle with God” by Bishop Robert Stearns

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Bishop Stearns shares how we don't have to be wrapped up and fretting over getting all our things perfect or straightened out before we come to God. God is aware of our shortcomings. God desires to work through us and to help us walk in victory, not in our own strength, but in His strength and by His grace. As we look to the account of Jacob in Genesis we find someone who repeatedly tried to sc ...

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“Unity: The Cry of His Heart” by Pastor Aimee Reid-Sych

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This amazing morning message by Pastor Aimee goes to the root of the heart of God: Reconciliation to Himself, Redemption of mankind, for the purpose of UNITY. As we align ourselves with the Father Heart of God, seeing ourselves and others as HE does, we come to the place of being able to walk in His heart and path of unity. We all have unique personalities, gifts and callings, but that is the b ...

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