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The Eyes of the Next Generation are Upon Us

Shalom Aleichem, Beloved.

As Caite and I have prayed into the season ahead, we are keenly aware of this fact:

“The eyes of the next generation are upon us.”

Yes, they are upon us as leaders of the youth group, but they are also upon each and every individual who, for the season, calls The Tabernacle their home. What is the next generation going to observe?

Here’s the hard question:

If we return to a mask mandate, lockdowns, virtual lifestyles, is the next generation going to see an older generation rise up, spiritually discerning the season that we are in, or are they going to see us wither away and collapse because the dry season proved our foundation too weak?

I truly believe now more than ever in this season of uncertainty that how we choose to respond is going to shape the framework for how the next generation responds when the heat is turned up and they are under crisis.

Beloved, what are they going to see?

Are they going to see a generation who falls on their faces and implores our heavenly Father to tune our hearts and spirits to discern His will for the moment that we are in? Are they going to see spirits that remain joyful especially as we are forced to abide in a season of strife and contention? Are they going to see us lay down our preference for the sake of setting an example that models the heart of the Father and the life of his Son?

Or are they going to see us fall into despair and depression because the extent of our relationship with the Father and Jesus hasn’t been cultivated in a secret place but is merely sustained by the emotional spiritual high of an experience?

We are believing for this next generation to have an encounter that sustains, not an experience that fades.

Beloved, I implore you: find yourself in that secret place and present yourself before the throne room and ask of the Lord, 'how do I model your heart in a season where the upcoming generation has their eyes intensely fixated upon my life?'

In the love of Christ,

Matt & Caite Kunkel - Youth Ministry Directors

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