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It’s Not All About Me!

“One generation shall laud your works to another and shall declare your mighty acts.”

As many people are aware, Maria and I recently became great-grandparents for the first time. I didn’t know what my expectations would be concerning this event, after all our children and grandchildren have attained adult status. Our thoughts have been extended toward careers, education, and their life choices. However, Jackson Mark Quigley has brought new excitement into our family that hasn’t been present in some time. Another generation has come on the scene, bringing new hopes and dreams, not only for us, but Jackson also carries with him the eventual opportunity to serve his God at each level of life as he reaches them. Our role is to continue to prepare a path toward that end, with clearly marked proven landmarks for him to rely on in his development and journey.

I’ve missed being able to attend weekend services, but I'm so thankful for the opportunity and privilege of participating in them online. However it isn’t quite the same. While not complaining, I miss having the same opportunity with Men of Valor on Tuesdays, sharing time and life with the Tabernacle men; but I am encouraged by the good reports from their gatherings.

This has been a great joy of my life particularly for the last 15 years, a desire that dates back to the Full Gospel Businessmen’s Fellowship. There I witnessed men sharing their testimony of their God and His greatness, ministry occurring at any time or place during the day. Their faith worked more than just on Sunday, as they dealt with the challenges of business and vocation.

There was no separation between the sacred and the secular, but instead a demonstration of His Kingdom going outside the walls of a church building to every area of our culture. Military, business owners, educators, professionals, etc. experienced a call on their life and ministry of sharing life. When He calls us, a change in our vocation never changes nor negates His call on a life, it is just another location to “dig wells and build altars.”

Scripture speaks of David as one who “served the purpose of God in his own generation.”

We are all beneficiaries of the labors and sacrifices that prior generations have made. I do not believe they had full disclosure as to the whys and whats of the choices and deeds that they made, but neither will we. As we walk out our lives, trusting that God is ordaining our footsteps, we establish those proven landmarks for succeeding generations.

The decision that each person must make is whether we will be faithful to serve God’s purpose in our generation with what God has placed in our hand. I pray you will choose to accept the challenge. We have an opportunity to dig wells for this and future generations. Let’s seize the moment.


Pastor Al Baun

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