We, Will, See You This Sunday!

We want to take this opportunity to share some of the new updates, operational procedures, and guidelines, so you and your family are prepared for church this Sunday.

Beginning this Sunday, February 21, The Tabernacle welcomes congregation members to once again enter Sunday morning services through the doors at the back of the Sanctuary. A greeter will be there to welcome you to service, distribute communion cups and masks. You can also continue to enter through the Legacy Walkway, Atrium, or the Walkway of Faith entrances.

How many services will The Tabernacle have this Sunday?


The Tabernacle will be having 2 services this Sunday. 8 am and 10 am will be the times that we meet. We will be live-streaming our 10 am service: 


Will there be youth, children, and preschool ministry this Sunday?

Starting Sunday, February 7th at the 10 AM service our preschool, children, and youth ministries will be returning to the Family Life Center. These ministries will be open on the 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month, beginning February 7th and February 21st.

Do I need to register every week for Sunday service?



What will I do when I arrive on Sunday?

There will be 3 entrances open when you arrive on Sunday. You may enter through the doors at the Legacy Walkway, the door nearest the Southwestern Daycare entrance, and the double-sided doors entering the Reid Leadership Walkway. The Family Life Center doors will remain locked and the 6 doors to the sanctuary will only be used for exiting the sanctuary. There will be a registration desk in the foyer next to the doors entering the sanctuary. You will check-in at this desk before entering the sanctuary.


Masks, worn over the nose, mouth, and chin, will be required at all times while inside the buildings on The Tabernacle campus. You will be able to momentarily remove your mask while we receive communion during our worship service. In this season, we will be enforcing this rule with the cooperation of our Tabernacle Security Team. 


Where do I go if I’m receiving parking assistance?


If you registered for parking assistance for a Sunday morning service, you will pull your car under the awning at the back of The Tabernacle sanctuary during your registered arrival time frame. You will be greeted by a member of the Ushers Team who will assist you and those with you into the sanctuary, while another member of the Ushers Team will park your car for you. This process will resemble the valet parking that you would experience at a restaurant or hotel. You will be checked in at the table in the back of the sanctuary and then seated by a member of the Welcome Team.

Where will I sit on Sunday?

We will be practicing social distancing by sitting every other row and 6 feet between our fellow congregation members. Our Mother’s Room will be open for mothers with infants. If you have a doctor’s note and require special seating arrangements, please notify the Tabernacle Ushers team and they will help seat you.


What will worship look like?

We will not be reopening the altar at the front of the stage at this time. We appreciate your understanding of this and encourage you to use the space within the sanctuary, respecting and considering the safe distance between your fellow congregation members. If you have a shofar or instrument that you would like to use during worship, we ask that you socially distance yourself from any other congregation members at the sides and back of the sanctuary.

What will tithes and offerings look like?

Baskets will be placed on the front of the stage and each congregation member will be able to bring their tithes and offerings forward in an appropriate manner, respecting their fellow congregation members and considering the safe distance between.


What will communion look like?

Self-contained communion cups will be picked up at the registration table when you check in on Sunday morning. 

When the service ends, where will I go?

You will be able to exit the sanctuary from the 6 doors at the back of the sanctuary. Please do not linger in the sanctuary and take your fellowship with friends outside because our custodial volunteers will need to clean the sanctuary in preparation for the next service and the incoming congregation members.